How can I help you?

Sports & Fitness

As a lover of all things sports, photographing athletes is one of my favorite sessions! I can capture you or your family athletes in live action shots, individual portrait shots, or studio composition shots.

Family Portraits

I provide in-home or on-location sessions for family and/or group portraits. As a father of five, I know how quickly kids grow and how important it is to capture those special moments and milestones with your loved ones. Birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, proms, holiday cards; the opportunities are many!

Senior Portraits

I provide in-home, on-location, and composition* images to capture one of life’s most significant milestones! I offer creative ideas to customize and make this achievement meaningful and memorable!

Head Shots

Let me help you put your best self in front of potential employers and clients. I provide in-home sessions for this service.


Consultations to discuss session location and vision are available by appointment only and may be done by telephone or email.

Portrait and Team Sessions

Portrait and team sessions are by appointment only and include my time and proofs of all shots taken during the session to choose from.

Post-production Editing

Editing of all selected photos.

Composition Photography

The question I hear most is “What is composite photography and how does it differ from traditional photography?”

The primary difference is that traditional photography works with images straight out of the camera with minor post-processing and retouching. Composite photography is the combining of visual elements from separate sources (photos, effects, backgrounds) into single images, often to create the illusion that all of those elements are part of the same scene. The digital image manipulation techniques require extensive knowledge and understanding of ambient lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom and other similar software.

The impact and appeal of composite photography doesn’t just happen, it’s the creative process of the individual artist as they combine the various elements together. This requires a time commitment beyond just “taking a photo”. Several hours are typically required on each project to deliver a final image that I hope will exceed your expectations.

The majority of labor in composite photography is involved with the post-processing and creation of the final composite image. Unlike a traditional photography session where you would be able to choose among multiple proof copies, many of which are useful without any retouching; your choice will be limited to “untouched” images or proofs containing the subject(s) with no background.